Kala Lagaw Ya

Kala Lagaw Ya
/ˈkala ˈlagaʊ ja/ (say 'kahlah 'lahgow yah)

1. a language of the people of the central Torres Strait Islands.
2. of or relating to this language.
The language of the central and western Torres Strait Islands is related to the languages of mainland Australia, in contrast to the language of the eastern islands, Meriam Mir, which has more affinity with the languages of coastal PNG. Kala Lagaw Ya is still spoken by a few thousand people, making it one of the most commonly spoken Australian Indigenous languages; however Torres Strait Creole, now used as a lingua franca across all the Torres Strait Islands and by many of the thousands of islanders who live elsewhere in Australia, has expanded at the expense of Kala Lagaw Ya and even more so of Meriam Mir.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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